Jewelry supplies – platinum-coloured and gold-coloured

Here you can find a small selection of basic material for producing jewelry, for example ringlets, end caps, crimp beads, eye pins, pearl caps, magnetic closures and complete closures in various finishings and materials.

Please contact us for your individual offer regarding your required packaging, layout, contents of the packaging and also for further accessories you cannot find on our homepage.

All of our jewelry parts are regularly tested by accredited testing institutes and free of nickel and cadmium, according to the current regulations!



Spring rings

The spring rings are the most favorable closure for chains and necklaces.

As a counterpart, you need a ringlet as well as the corresponding end fitting, to fix the spring ring to your threading material.



The carabiner clasps are the most common used closures for jewelry.

They are characterized by their best value for money.

Es stehen verschiedene Größen zur Auswahl. Am häufigsten zum Einsatz kommen die Größen 12 + 14 mm


Carabiner clasps

There are various sizes available. The sizes 12 mm and 14 mm are most commonly used. As a counterpart, you need a ringlet as well as the corresponding end fitting, to fix the spring ring to your threading material

Please find the appropriate complete closures for various possibilities here.




Screw-clasps are used frequently, especially when you are producing heavier pieces of jewellery.

Please contact us to choose out of various sizes.

As a counterpart, you need a ringlet as well as the corresponding end fitting, to fixate the spring ring to your threading material.


The magnetic closures are an especially comfortable closure for your jewelry. Both ends of your chain will connect magically without any effort. Through the very strong magnets we are using in our magnetic closures, an unintentional opening of the chain – even with heavier pieces of jewelry – is excluded.

As a counterpart, you need a ringlet as well as the corresponding end fitting, to fixate the spring ring to your threading material.


Magnetic closure – „Fluted“


Magnetic closure „Olive“


Magnetic closure „Sphere“


Magnetic closure „Cylinder“


Patent closures

Our patent closures get by without any magnets.

Both closing parts can be connected easily and click into place without any effords.

The patent closures are dedicated especially in combination with leather or rubber threads. The ends of the threading material are simply glued into the closure. Through the small shape, you can also thread on corresponding beads or pieces of jewelry with bigger holes after you have already glued them close. And you do not need any further ringlets or end caps.

Another advantage over the magnetic closures is the relatively low weight of the patent closure.



Ringlets do have an universal application in the jewelry making

They are used as connection pieces between closures and end pieces, as well as to attach jewelry parts, and so on.

The most popular sizes are 5 mm and 6,5 mm.


Ringlets do have an opening, so that you can attach also closed jewelry parts without any efforts. After you are finished, close the opening with a plier.


Split rings

Split rings (also referred to as spring rings) are exceedingly stable and are also used to connect end pieces and closures.

An accidentally opening, which can happen with the ringlets, is almost impossible here.



End fittings to glue
End fittings are needed to connect your threading material with the corresponding closure. You need glue for attaching the end fittings.

There are end fittings for bonding or for squeezing them tight. Depending on the material and the diameter, there are various sizes available.



End fittings to squeeze tight

For jewelry wire, the end fittings for bonding are used in most cases. Especially for multi-row necklaces, this is a secure option for a connection.

In turn, for leather strap necklaces you usually use the end pieces which you squeeze close. With this soft material, you will achieve very good results. However, it cannot hurt to also add a drop of glue here.



Crimp beads are used to fixate pearls and other jewelry parts on the wire, without the need for glue.

To fix your jewelry piece at the desired spot, just press them flat carefully with a pair of pliers.


Crimp beads

Of course, the crimp beads can also be threaded loose without squeezing them as a spacer between the beads.

The standard size for crimp beads is 2mm. They are suitable for wires up to a diameter of 0,5 mm.



Pearl caps (also called bead caps) render a special touch to your jewelry bead by enclosing it.

They are also often used in the decorative crafting area, for example as an additional design element in a wire star.

They are available in various sizes. The most popular sizes are 4 mm, 6 mm and 7mm.


Pearl caps or bead caps

Decisive for the size of the pearl cap is the size of your bead.

If you are working with a 6 mm pearl, you should also use a 6 mm pearl cap.



Eye pins

Eye pins are metal pins with an eyelet attached to one end.

Therewith you can easily put on pearls, beads and stones. Simply bend the open end close.
The finished eye pin can be used as a pendant for necklaces or earrings.

Eye pins are available in various lengths – please just ask for your required product.

For producing your own earring, we can offer you either ear studs (ear pins) or ear hooks (fish hooks). These can be customized creatively to your liking.


Ear studs (ear pins)


Ear hooks (fish hooks)