Pearl thread / decorative thread


Our pearl thread is eminently suitable to load on all kind of beads and pearls, as well as for a variety of all various craft applications.

Through the secured manufacturing process, we can guarantee an appropriate tearing strength according to the material strength.

The pearl thread is in a transparent finishing available in the following diameters:
0,15 / 0,25 / 0,30 / 0,40 / 0,50 / 0,80 mm

We can also offer you as an alternative the pearl thread in black. In this finishing, it is available in the diameters 0,25 mm / 0,40 mm and 0,50 mm.

The item will be delivered on our SB-spool, which is by the integrated Euro-standard-hole a perfect presentation without any further outer packaging.

As standard, we carry spools with 50 meter
(diameter 0,8 mm = 25 meter).

Of course we will be happy to offer you other barrel length and layouts.
Please just contact us for your individual offer.