Wire stars

Our wire stars are eminently suitable to create without any effort enchanting Christmas stars as a Christmas tree pendant or window decoration.

In combination with our decorative beads or in a complete packed DIY-kit (our Creative Bags), even newcomers and beginners will be able to enjoy a beautiful result immediately.




Our wire stars are made of 100 % brass wire and produced completely in Germany.

The product is nickel-free according to the norm DIN EN 1811.

As we are using only high quality materials and produce with an enormous quality-conscious, a break of the wire (when bending the ends to eyelets) or a detachment of the wire sticks at the solder point is virtually impossible.


Our wire stars with 8 beams are available in sizes 9cm / 11 cm / 15 cm / 20 cm.

Our double wire stars with 16 beams are available in sizes 9/11 cm and 11/15 cm.